DMW2 Wet Location Vapor Tight Goes Wireless with nLight AIR

October 3, 2018 Heather Nemeth

Maximizing the benefits of LED technology, DMW2 LED provides versatility, higher on-task light levels and energy-saving controls options for demanding environments. Adding in nLight® AIR wireless controls make DMW2 an even better fit for a wide array of applications including transit stations, food processing plants, awning/canopies, loading docks, car washes, garden centers, stairwells, parking garages and exterior environments where moisture or dust is a concern.

Lighting Controls Made Easy with nLight AIR Wireless Lighting Controls

Choose factory-installed nLight AIR wireless controls with your LED vapor tights.

Benefits of AIR (starts with how it reduces install time, then lists out how it saves owner/operator $ and ends with security).

  • Embedded sensors simplify design and installation: no additional hardware, no new wiring
  • Mobile-app streamlines startups with both feet safely on the ground and without requiring specialized tools or software
  • Easily penetrates typical obstructions found in industrial buildings, like concrete and steel
  • Offers both indoor and outdoor solutions to simplify management of an entire site
  • Aids in meeting and/or exceeding state and local energy codes for renovation and new construction projects ... (THIS is not a proof point for reducing labor costs, but important for having )
  • Saves energy with occupancy, daylighting, automated timeclock, and native demand response – Up to 82% additional energy savings** ... (THIS could be #1 bullet)
  • DLC-approved for additional rebates
  • Robust five-tier wireless security architecture

Your Site. One System. nLight AIR Wireless Lighting Controls.

nLight AIR wireless lighting controls offer indoor and outdoor options that scale with your needs

Helpful links to learn more:

DMW2 LED Vapor Tight: Web Page | Specification Sheet | Sell Sheet

nLight® AIR Wireless
nLight® AIR: Web Page | Brochure | Video
CLAIRITY® Pro Mobile App: Specification Sheet | App Download

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