Comprehensive - New Modern nLight® Wall Switch Offerings!

May 19, 2020 Stephen Zoeller

The new nLight® wall switches introduce modern and sleek architectural design to enhance the visual appeal of building spaces. Featuring our new screwless wallplates, these nLight® wall switches elevate the look and feel for commercial office, hospitality, education, and healthcare applications.

  • rPODLA (All New) - nLight AIR Wireless Line Powered Wall Switch
  • nWSXA (All New)– nLight Wired Low Voltage Wall Switch Sensor
  • nPODMA – nLight Wired Wall Switch
  • rPODBA – nLight AIR Wall Switch
  • WS xPODA – nLight Screwless Wallplates Multi-Pack

Key features include:

  • Innovative screwless wallplate design
  • Matte finish with low profile aesthetic
  • nLight Wired and nLight AIR (wireless) versions available
  • Single and multi-pole control with optional raise/lower
  • Scene control with optional raise/lower
  • Colors include white, ivory, gray, light almond, black, red
  • Custom button engraving at no charge (All New)

For a full offering of nLight wall switches with the new aesthetic form factor please visit the nLight product pages:


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