Daylight Harvesting for Commercial Buildings

Why Daylighting?
Where this guide was developed for meeting (and exceeding) California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards, it provides a wealth of information on “lighting best practices” for designing with daylight harvesting in commercial buildings. 

from the Benefits of Daylighting Management
Managing daylight penetration based on outdoor and indoor environmental conditions can greatly increase daylight harvesting benefits, not only energy benefits, but also psychological, physiological and biological benefits.

Optimizing daylight performance is a challenging design task, as there are many performance aspects to be considered, which depend on and are affected by, a wide range of contextual parameters, such as building/space site and orientation. Daylight management requires implementation of dynamic fenestration systems that automatically change status based on indoor and outdoor conditions, such as occupancy, daylight levels, and the status of electric lighting and HVAC systems.

to providing Solutions to Daylight Harvesting Objectives & Challenges
The key challenge for effective daylight harvesting is that it involves decisions made by different decision makers at different stages of the building life-cycle:

  1. City planning—site selection
  2. Architectural design—building massing, space dimensions, fenestration location, orientation, size, glazing and exterior shading
  3. Interior design—geometry and reflectance of interior surfaces, including furniture and its layout, interior shading systems and window treatments
  4. Electric lighting design—layout of light sources and controls to manage their output based on available daylight
  5. Building Construction—implementation of design decisions
  6. Building Commissioning—verification of design decisions and calibration of electric lighting and daylight management control systems
  7. Building Operation—automated and manual operation of lighting and daylight management systems

Each discipline inherits the decisions made by its predecessors, which can greatly affect decision options and potential to fully realize daylighting benefits.

It’s a totally, awesome piece for us daylighting geeks!

There has never been a better time to use daylighting on your next project.
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