Best Skylights May 2019 – Residential

May 16, 2019 Karin McReynolds

excerpt from 5 Home Best, Best Skylights - Buyer's Guide:


#1 Sunoptics SUN Skylight - Best Skylight for Flat Roof

Sunoptics SUN Skylight ReviewSunoptics differs from some of the other companies on our list in that it is no longer its own distinct company. Instead, Sunoptics is now a subsidiary of Acuity Brands, a company that specializes in powered lighting options. That said, Sunoptics still has one of the longest pedigrees out of any brand on our list. With almost four decades of experience and a history of innovation that has even influenced competitors, Sunoptics continues to provide some of the best options for the skylight market.

Easily the best quality about the Sunoptics skylight is its window. While it is made from acrylic plastic, the plastic is made and extruded by Sunoptics itself rather than manufactured off site by a third-party. This is partly responsible for Sunoptics’ ability to provide some of the least expensive skylights on the market – including the least expensive entry on our list. Still, the cost of the skylight is not what makes the Sunoptics window so good.

The true advantage of the Sunoptics window is its glazing process.

This skylight is the only one on our list to feature a triple glazed window. This is important because each of the different glazes allows the window to redirect different wavelengths of sunlight away from your skylight. Ultimately, this allows the Sunoptics window to allow a maximum amount of visible sunlight into your room without also allowing in heat or creating hotspots – an issue often found with other fixed type skylights.

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