How To Choose The Right LED Driver For California Title 24

November 2, 2021 Paula Santa Cruz


California Title 24 encompasses the complex and far-reaching set of rules that govern the energy efficiency and performance of new buildings and their electrical equipment.  Most LED fixtures produced for residential use comply with Title 24 since it avoids the need for the manufacturer to offer one part number for sale in California and a different part number for sale in other states.


When it comes to California Title 24 compliance, the luminaire isn't the only factor at-play—the LED driver substantially affects whether or not your fixtures are compliant.


Title 24 Rules Affecting LED Driver Selection

Regulations that apply to new lighting equipment set minimum benchmarks for efficiency and compatibility with the grid infrastructure. These minimum benchmarks ensure the user experience is not compromised by the drive for high efficiency.


This means that a compliant lighting fixture must meet a set of minimum specifications described in the long and detailed California Title 24 regulations. For some of these specifications, a fixture’s LED driver partially or entirely affects its compliance.


Here's five California Title 24 specifications for compliant lighting fixtures:

  1. Efficiency 
  2. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  3. Power Factor 
  4. Flicker 
  5. Start-Up Time


The same factors which represent quality and value for fixture manufacturers are the factors which also give confidence that the driver will support compliance. A driver that offers superior quality and performance will also provide a superior foundation for building a Title 24-compliant fixture.


Quality and performance are the hallmarks of eldoLED drivers. The addition of dedicated CA24 variants of our 0-10V drivers and a solution for compliance testing of DALI and DMX drivers provides us with a proven platform for fixture manufacturers to achieve compliance with the Title 24 regulations. Further explore this topic and our proposed LED driver solutions in our article below. 



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