Six Innovative Lighting Solutions from Acuity Brands Selected for the 2023 IES Progress Report

ATLANTA, August 7, 2023 – Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) announced today that six Acuity Brands lighting solutions were selected for the 2023 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report, which showcases the year's most significant advancements in the art and science of lighting. Selections were made by an impartial committee that evaluated submissions based on uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the lighting industry.

2023 IES Progress Report winners include WarmDim® technology from Aculux®, A-Light™ Lean Sustainable Luminaire, EVO® / Incito™ 4" and 6" Emergency Battery Backup Cylinders from Gotham®, Hydrel® Flame Lighting Technique, Lithonia Lighting® D-Series LED Area Luminaires, and Peerless® Proper™ luminaires.

WarmDim technology from Aculux allows the color temperature of its AX3 and AX4 Series downlights to warm perceptibly to an evening glow as dimmed. With a customized dimming curve designed to emulate halogen sources, WarmDim delivers smooth, natural transitions (3000K-1800K) which dramatically impact the ambience of a space, evoking a more intimate atmosphere. This solution features a light engine designed and built in house and offers excellent color consistency at 1 SDCM, ensuring that lighting remains uniform and precise, all while providing unparalleled precision beam control, with distributions as narrow as 10° for accent lighting applications. Whether using a narrow or wide distribution, the color mixing optics guarantee superb color mixing while dimming the light level, without any visible striations in the beam. 

Lean Sustainable Luminaire from A-Light is a 2’ x 2’ patent-pending acoustic lay-in luminaire that becomes part of an architectural ceiling tile while increasing sound absorption across ceiling planes. The luminaire’s indirect distribution delivers a soft, even illumination that reduces glare and shadows. Designers can use the multi-functional fixture to turn project tiles into dynamic designs in applications such as office spaces. Shipping with only three collapsible components, Lean luminaires are 80% lighter than a typical 2’ x 2’ fixture reducing the overall shipping impact by an estimated 88%. Lean is Declare label listed.

EVO / Incito 4" and 6" Emergency Battery Backup Cylinders from Gotham offers three emergency backup solutions including (1) integral battery, (2) remote sidecar, and (3) recessed gear housing. The integral battery backup cylinder is the industry’s first true integral battery pack option for 4” and 6” cylinders and is engineered to incorporate an emergency battery into the cylinder without the need for a power canopy. The cylinders feature easy access for maintenance and intuitive test switch location between emergency and non-emergency cylinders. Available in a 6W emergency battery, and a 4" cylinder up to 2,500 lumens and 6" cylinder up to 4,500 lumens.  For higher ceiling applications that require greater light output in emergency mode, the remote sidecar cylinders are available in 7W, 10W or 15W emergency batteries. The recessed gear housing cylinders are perfect for applications with access above the ceiling to discreetly hide a 10W emergency battery. All emergency cylinders comply with NFPA 101 (Life Safety code) delivering constant light output throughout the 90 minutes of code required when there is a normal AC power loss, thereby providing a safe egress of lighting during power outages.

FLAME Lighting Technique from Hydrel is a new play on RGBW LED light. The patent-pending lighting technique offers two beams in one luminaire: a central beam and an outer beam that blend harmoniously to create an impressive accent gradient effect. This unique optical engineering construction is currently available with SAF7, SAF14, and SAF28 floodlights in RGBW. Designers can choose a Narrow, Wide, or Lotus FLAME to create the desired lighting aesthetic.

D-Series LED Area Luminaires from Lithonia Lighting offer fifteen photometric distributions including unmatched Backlight Control optics that reduce light behind poles to as little as 0.5% of total light, while providing excellent forward and lateral projection. Poles can be strategically placed near adjacent property or boundary lines with minimal offsets while achieving optimal curb line results. These new optics also allow for wider pole spacings, and savings to end users by using less poles and luminaires on jobs. The D-Series photometric distributions combined with breakthrough backlight control optics create a lighting design that minimizes light trespass while maximizing application efficiency and savings. 

Proper luminaires from Peerless are designed around a continuous roll-in lens material and feature a continuous line of light while delivering visually comfortable and effective indirect and direct illumination. This lens allows for a 26% increase in luminous area compared to traditional pendant luminaires. Available tunable white options feature 2 ranges: Productivity (3000K – 5000K), and Rhythm (2700K – 6500K). Proper luminaires offer a standard widespread indirect batwing and volumetric direct distribution to optimize balance of spatial luminance. Direct and indirect distributions can be controlled independently to facilitate the most effective and comfortable mix of illumination for any application need.

"We are honored to be recognized by industry experts and peers for our lighting solutions," said Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls Senior Vice President, Amra Boucher. "The inclusion in the IES Progress Report helps showcase Acuity Brands advancements in our luminaire innovations and reflects our ability to continuously provide customized solutions for a variety of applications.”

About Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) is a market-leading industrial technology company. We use technology to solve problems in spaces, light, and more things to come. Through our two business segments, Acuity Brands Lighting and Lighting Controls (ABL) and the Intelligent Spaces Group (ISG), we design, manufacture, and bring to market products and services that make a valuable difference in people’s lives.     

We achieve growth through the development of innovative new products and services, including lighting, lighting controls, building management solutions, and location-aware applications. Acuity Brands, Inc. is based in Atlanta, Georgia, with operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. The Company is powered by more than 13,000 dedicated and talented associates. Visit us at


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