Eureka Introduces New Luminaires to Tangram Family

Eureka Introduces New Luminaires to Tangram Family

Three unique light sources available for pendant or surface mounting

Montreal, February 27, 2023 Eureka (, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, today announced the introduction of three new architectural luminaires to its Tangram family.

Tangram-Cut, Tangram-Essential, and Tangram-Tact are each available as a surface-mount or a pendant mounting type. All Tangram pendants are defined by bold four-inch-wide straps, which can be configured into a variety of geometries using spacers that pull in or push out the straps to create striking shapes. A flat power cable is fully concealed inside each strap.

Available in five decorative colors, creating a monochromatic fixture or a more eclectic multi-color luminaire is possible. Designers are empowered to invent a visual language for modern environments such as conference and executive areas, hospitality applications, or reception spaces. The surface mount version of the products enables the visual language to be carried through spaces where installing pendants is challenging.

Precision machining from a block of solid glass gives the Tangram-Cut pendant its striking, jewel-like feel. Internal frosting and a distinctive concave bottom help to diffuse light from the 8-inch diameter luminaire. The unique aesthetic is suited to luxurious environments such as high-end hospitality settings. Designers can choose a clear or frosted finish and a range of outputs; depending on the selected combination, Tangram-Cut delivers from 1,216 to 2,500 lumens.

Tangram-Essential features a honeycomb or prismatic lens. The 8-inch cylinder provides great visual impact at the base of the bold four-inch-wide straps, which can be configured and suspended in multiple ways. Tangram-Essential brings geometric interest to lobbies and informal lounges or meeting areas. Dependent on output option and honeycomb color selected, output ranges from 496 to 2,690 delivered lumens. Low, regular, and high output choices for the prismatic lens deliver from 1,857 to 3,977 lumens.

Warm, soft curves define Tangram-Tact. A COB light source, deeply recessed within the 12-inch diameter housing, reduces glare and increases user comfort. Precision light control can be used to highlight specific areas such as seating areas, pathways, or corridors. Designers can choose a 25-degree or 60-degree beam angle, and optical accessories include a honeycomb louver or a clear glass lens option. Low, regular, and high output options range from 1,537 to 3,318 delivered lumens.

The new Tangram forms complete a family that was first introduced in November 2022, with Tangram-Trace. Tangram-Trace is a linear luminaire available in 2-foot, 4-foot and 6-foot lengths, suspended with the same distinctive straps.

All Tangram configurations are compatible with the nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired network control system. These systems manage lighting throughout indoor spaces, helping to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort.

Learn more about Tangram.

About Eureka

Since 1987, Eureka, a brand within the Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls portfolio, has been working relentlessly to enhance the environment of the end user with compelling lighting solutions. Our passion for designing and manufacturing best-in-class, distinctive, specification-grade decorative luminaires enables lighting designers, designers, and architects to transform their concepts into reality. Our multi-award-winning contemporary lighting products are available throughout North America. More information about Eureka is available at

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