MEGA-LITE Chooses Secure Streaming ACN Lighting Protocol from Pathway Connectivity to Elevate Control Product Security

ATLANTA, September 14 – Pathway Connectivity Solutions, a leader in developing DMX distribution and networking products, announced today its collaboration with MEGA-LITE, a manufacturer of LED lighting, lighting controls, and software, to elevate control product security. MEGA Control Systems, a division of MEGA-LITE, has integrated the new Pathway Secure Streaming ACN (Pathway ssACN) lighting protocol into their comprehensive control product portfolio. This will include Lumen8, Enlighten Software, and the Mega Console platform. This integration fortifies security and aligns with the stringent requirements of California's Title 1.81.26 of the California Civil Code.

The Pathway ssACN protocol was developed to implement security in an otherwise open protocol. It builds upon the ANSI E1.31 standard, introducing a layer of authentication that validates data source and sequence integrity. By embedding cryptographic hash messages within E1.31 packets, the authenticity of lighting data is verified, ensuring that only legitimate data is utilized during performances. This heightened security feature safeguards network communication from unauthorized interception or manipulation, making it an ideal choice for applications prioritizing security, such as public spaces.

“Pathway is leading the way to make sure productions are safe, whether it be from intentional or accidental disturbances, which is something that can happen in large venues and festival gigs,” said Robert Bell, Director of Product Market, Pathway Connectivity Solutions. “We are very pleased to hear that MEGA-LITE has adopted Pathway ssACN to be in line with modern cyber security laws and precautions. We will continue to work with ESTA's Control Protocols Working Group to help build a modern standard which will work for the entire industry.”

The decision by MEGA-LITE to implement Pathway ssACN underscores a shared commitment to robust security measures and proactive compliance with evolving regulatory demands.

“Pathway's ssACN protocol provides a crucial solution for our control products,” said Winston Potgieter, Lighting Control Developer, MEGA-LITE. “The incorporation of this protocol ensures that we meet California's security law requirements while delivering reliable and secure network communication."

If you want to partner with Pathway and implement Pathway ssACN, please reach out to Robert Bell

For more information about the Pathway ssACN protocol, including access to open source viewer downloads, please visit the Pathway Connectivity website.

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