Eleven Lighting Solutions from Acuity Brands Receive 2023 Product Innovation Awards from Architectural Products Magazine

ATLANTA, December 13, 2023 – Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) announced today that eleven architectural lighting luminaires representing the company’s Aculux®, A-Light™, Eureka®, Juno®, Mark Architectural Lighting™, and Peerless® brands were selected as 2023 Product Innovation Award (PIA) winners by Architectural Products magazine. Spanning a variety of categories, the PIA winners illustrated impressive innovation in terms of form, functionality, or sustainability.

PIA winners include:

Aculux: WarmDim® Solution allows the color temperature of its AX3 and AX4 Series downlights to warm perceptibly to an evening glow as dimmed. With a customized dimming curve designed to emulate halogen sources, WarmDim delivers smooth, natural transitions (3000K-1800K) which dramatically impact the ambience of a space, evoking a more intimate atmosphere. This solution features a light engine designed and built in house and offers excellent color consistency at 1 SDCM, ensuring that lighting remains uniform and precise, all while providing unparalleled precision beam control, with distributions as narrow as 10° for accent lighting applications. Whether using a narrow or wide distribution, the color mixing optics guarantee superb color mixing while dimming the light level, without any visible striations in the beam.

A-Light: Lean is a 2’ x 2’ patent-pending acoustic lay-in luminaire that becomes part of an architectural ceiling tile while increasing sound absorption across ceiling planes. An indirect distribution delivers a soft, even illumination that suppresses glare and shadows. Sustainability is at the forefront of Lean’s design. Shipping with only three collapsible components, Lean is 80% lighter than a typical 2’ x 2’ fixture. It is estimated that the overall shipping impact is reduced by as much as 88%.

Stitch is a four-foot linear fixture shaped by a translucent material with an organic feel. Developed with a focus on sustainability, all unnecessary components have been stripped away, and non-recyclable materials have been reduced. Its non-woven fabric works as a diffuser, requiring fewer materials; eliminating the need for traditional polymer lenses means less plastic waste is destined for landfills and oceans. 

Wings is a four-foot pendant with a virtually weightless appearance. Its proprietary lightweight base material, new to architectural lighting, reduces glare and creates a more comfortable and collaborative environment.

Eureka: Atoll is an elegant, minimalist ring luminaire offering direct light and optional batwing uplight. In pendant or surface/ceiling mount, the rings feature high-quality construction with sleek aluminum extrusion. A flexible, UV-stable silicone diffuser snaps in place to eliminate any risk of light leaks along the lens' surface: the one-piece diffuser creates a single ring of illumination. The luminaire is offered with an acoustic panel for areas where noise is a concern.

Tangram-Trace uses bold straps and a prismatic lens to create a dramatic aesthetic and provides high-quality, diffused linear illumination. With its flat power cable fully concealed inside its strap, designers can invent their own visual language without suspension cables or fasteners in the way. Spacers direct the path of the strap between the fixture and canopy: straps may be pulled in or pushed out to create the desired shape. The luminaire is available in 2', 4', and 6' lengths; the straps can be configured into 12 pre-set shapes, or designers can work with Eureka to create custom designs. It’s intended for modern environments such as conference and executive areas, hospitality applications, or reception spaces.

Tangram-Cut defines space with strong geometric lines suspended at angles you choose. All seamlessly connected with straps flowing into the fixtures as one. This solid UV resistant and crystal grade glass piece comes with a clear finish for a jewel-like effect, or with a frosted exterior creating a softer, mysterious light. A single 90 CRI COB light engine creates a powerful illumination delivering up to 2500 lumens. Also available in tunable white. The fixture is suspended by two high quality UV resistant nylon straps housing an imperceptible flat power cable. Available in 5 eye-catching colors. Canopy and anchor distance can be specified to create a variety of strap angles. They can be positioned inside or outside as desired.

Juno Trac: T286L Flat Back Cylinder  is designed with a unique, patented, precision optical system which produces uniform spot, narrow flood or flood distributions. The 43W T286L Series can deliver up to 3900 lumens, utilizing less than 1/3 of the energy of halogen equivalents and having a rated life of 50,000-hours. It is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures and 80 or 90 CRI versions. Optional SpectralWhite color/white enhancing versions offer CRI and Color Quality Scale (CQS) scores of 90+, rendering colors richly and making whites appear naturally brilliant.

WarmDim Technology is now available with Juno’s T381L and T261L track fixtures, the company’s WarmDim technology replicates the feeling of halogen lighting, but with the operating life and efficiency of LEDs. Compatible with several factory-approved dimmers, WarmDim provides gradual and uniform dim-to-warm control—3000K to 1800K—while delivering up to 1195 lm using 16W and a standard minimum CRI of 90. The LED driver is contained in a side-mounted, vertical housing to maximize thermal efficiency and minimize fixture size.

Mark Architectural Lighting: SLOT 2 | 4 Pendant, Surface, Wall linear lighting delivers a simple line of light by creating brilliant illumination and exceptional visual comfort in a small form factor. These products offer direct, indirect, or direct | indirect in both static and tunable white. Each features multiple lens options, including continuous flush, drop, and edge view, as well as top glow shielding (indirect) and integrated deep cell quiet baffle (direct). Integrated sensors are available, and embedded nLight® wired and nLight AIR wireless controls. SLOT 2 | 4 participate in Declare, a material transparency program.

Peerless: Proper offers a seamless line of light and direct/indirect illumination that can be controlled independently. Built with an emphasis on visual lighting design, color quality, and glare control and to facilitate compliance with the WELL Building Standard, this luminaire has a continuous luminous lens that can extend up to 100 linear feet without breaks. The tunable white option features two ranges—productivity (3000K to 5000K) and rhythm (2700K to 6500K)—with a CRI between 80 and 90 CRI. The direct output ranges from 300 to 1300 lm/ft, while indirect output ranges from 300 to 1500 lm/ft.

“We are thankful for all the companies that entered products for consideration. We are grateful for our esteemed panel of judges who took the time to review these products and explain what they found to be innovative or interesting,” said Architectural Products’ Editor in Chief Jeanette Pitts. “Their insights are such a critical piece of what makes the Product Innovation Awards unique and informative for our readers.”

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