Wireless, Single Room Lighting Control – Sensor Switch JOT

August 13, 2020 Stephen Zoeller
The Sensor Switch JOT wireless lighting control solution uses a one-of-a-kind  technology to simplify installation and pairing of JOT enabled fixtures and controls with “JUST ONE TOUCH”.
Designed for contractors, the JOT lighting control solution eliminates 0-10V dimming wires and the need for push-button or mobile app pairing, allowing for lightning speed installation.  Every product is integrated with a Bluetooth® radio to wirelessly enable switching, dimming, occupancy control and daylight harvesting of a single room.
We have partnered with Lithonia Lighting® to bring you a broad selection of fixtures that offer the convenience of wireless pairing and control, all while aiding in simple code compliance and energy efficiency.
  • Wireless dimming and switching without 0-10V control wires
  • Wireless product pairing without mobile apps and laptops – pairing leverages the switch leg load wire, perfect for retrofit applications 
  • Wall switches can power over a ground or neutral connection
  • 15 Lithonia lighting fixtures available at launch with more to follow

Because our wireless dimming technology eliminates the need for 0-10V wires, JOT enabled products are an ideal retrofit solution for small commercial indoor renovations such as private offices, conference rooms and classrooms.

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