Space Utilization Edge Application

March 7, 2017

Understand your building on a human level with Space Utilization edge application, providing building owners and property managers with a web application for analyzing occupancy and space utilization data.

Space Utilization edge application, a featured application on nLight ECLYPSE™, allows building owners and property managers to analyze where occupants spend their time throughout the day in order to make data-driven decision for renovation, space planning and other expansions. Discover how space utilization edge application can identify under or over-utilized offices and meeting spaces, and effectively implement changes to optimize your facilities.

Launch Date:

March 7, 2017


Visualize real-time data and device health from individual sensors or averages from spaces with multiple sensors

Requires no setup or configuration; automatically detects related nLight occupancy sensors from nLight ECLYPSE network tree

Quick Links:

Space Utilization Application Sell Sheet

Space Utilization Application FAQ

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