NEW Trim Innovations from Aculux®!

March 27, 2023


January 23, 2023


Aculux® NEW Trim Innovations: Non-Conductive IP65 Bevel and Redesigned pinhole

Designers have two new trim offerings to choose from, marrying the elegant look you are seeking with an impressive range of features and functionality.


Style and substance
Now you can spec a corrosion resistant, non-conductive reflector for harsh marine and outdoor\environments with the beveled, high-end appearance you’re looking for. Integrated lensing prevents ingress of water and other debris, protecting LED and electrical components and extending overall life of downlight. IP65 dust and water rated withstands direct water spray. Available for AX3 and Initia 3". 


Blend in
Achieve a sleeker, cleaner look and a more seamless ceiling integration. Available with or without oculus and a reverse knife-edge which minimizes glare and improves lighting efficiency; this new redesigned flat pinhole trim has a renewed look over the previous rounded, convex trim. Available for AX3 in round and square and in flanged or flangeless. 


                       Pinhole Trim                                                         Bevel Trim



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Non-Conductive "Shower" Bevel Trims (AX3 and Initia 3"):


Redesigned Pinhole (AX3):

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