It's OK to Stare! The All-New VCPG Brings Visual Comfort to a New Level

May 31, 2018

Using the latest in LED and light-guide technology, the all-new VCPG LED parking garage luminaire provides optimum illumination and visual comfort while saving up to 85% in energy costs. This modern looking luminaire is the ideal choice for specifiers looking for the lowest power density and superior end-user experience. But don’t let the good looks fool you!  This luminaire is also priced for payback, making it a winning choice for UPR opportunities 
where low initial cost coupled with high energy savings win on bid day.

  • Light-guide Technology  - A non-pixilated source for maximum visual comfort.
  • Highly Efficient LED’s - With up to 145 LPW, the VCPG can replace traditional sources and save over 87% in energy costs.
  • Long-Lasting - With an expected service life of greater than 100,000 hours, the VCPG will eliminate up to ten expensive lamp changes.
  • Precision Optics - VCPG optics get the light where it is needed to ensure outstanding uniformity; further enhancing visual acuity.
  • 4,000 to 16,000+ Lumens - A wide range of lumen packages allows one luminaire to be used throughout the entire site.
  • Four Optical Choices - The VCPG has a dedicated optic for every parking garage application, including threshold lighting.
  • Low-Profile Design - The attractive, sleek design of the VCPG is ideal for low-ceiling applications.
  • Affordable - The VCPG may look and act up-scale, but it is priced for pay-back!

VCPG LED has several other great benefits:

Find out more about the VCPG LED Luminaire by visiting the product page on

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