STACK Pack and STACK Switch Are Here!

October 19, 2021 Kendall Pavey

They are here! STACK PACK™ and STACK Switch™ from Lithonia Lighting® are officially ready to order and ship!

STACK Switch and STACK Pack are leading the next generation STACK family of lay-ins by being the first to launch. They represent two of the four performance-tiered solutions that the family is bringing to the table this year. Both share our newest aesthetics and commitment to performance while being flexible with switchable technology.

STACK Switch is the ultimate stocking solution replacing the need to stock 9 SKUs with just one. What’s more, it gives contractors the ability to make game-time decisions at installation thanks to the built-in adjustable lumen output (ALO) and switchable color temperature (SWW) switches located directly on the driver box. STACK Switch is a part of the Contractor Select program, so you know it's always stocked and ready for quick shipping!



STACK Pack is your high-value, jobsite friendly fixture. Not only does it have ALO capabilities, but it also takes a modern approach to shipping, resulting in a reduction of job site waste making it our most sustainable and environmentally conscious solution.




STACK Switch and STACK Pack Features and Benefits

  • A wide, 7-inch curved lens – more width than ever to distribute the light
  • Less than 2 inches in depth - perfect for restricted plenum spaces
  • Beveled endplates – the angle of the endplates make a seamless transition from ceiling to light source
  • Matte white finish-- a clean and flat look to create harmony in the ceiling
  • Adjustable Lumen Output (ALO)– fit multiple ceiling heights with ease by selecting your desired lumens
  • *BONUS*- STACK Switch has both ALO and SWW
  • >125 Lumens Per Watt – efficiency you can count on

With updated aesthetics and more, these enhanced performance luminaries will take your upcoming new project or renovation to the next level. These products are stocked and ready to ship today, and the excitement doesn’t end there, STACK and STACK Prime are coming soon, and they will bring even more configurability, controls, and options to this comprehensive and complete family!

Mark your calendars and be sure to register for STACK WEEK! We are hosting a week full of webinars from November 8 - 11. Find out more and sign up here! 

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Register for STACK Webinars!
Register for STACK Webinars!

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