Rubik - Creativity without Complexity (Architectural Recessed LED)

September 22, 2016

Rubik™ luminaires combine the familiar with the unexpected. Rethink the grid with enhanced design capabilities and lighting enriched with dynamic features to unfold a vast array of possibilities for flexible for design creativity.  Exploration into light, color and control with Mainstream DynamicTM features move your design beyond a static environment. 

Build traditional or uniquely patterned layouts designed to provide ambient illumination. 

•    9-cell: Design layouts or clusters for a unique and modern mosaic aesthetic. As a standard 2x2 form, the 9-cell can be your workhorse luminaire. 
•    5-cell: Define or interlock shapes, delineate a corner, or create transitional design elements as part of a larger geometrical pattern. 
•    3-cell: Create long linear runs for clean architectural lines.

Create distinctive designs with our luminous styles – Static White and Mainstream Dynamic features of Tunable White, Grayscale and Color Accent. 

•    Static White provides limitless design possibilities simply with its three available forms and three lumen packages. 
•    Tunable White can create scenes for occupant experience and performance. 
•    Grayscale has the look of a beautiful mosaic in shades of gray. The mosaic effect can appear in subtle or more dramatic tones or can even be made dynamic without impacting task illumination. 
•    Color Accent allows you to create rich colors ranging from dark hues to vibrant neons to pastels to match or complement architectural finishes. 

With Rubik, the possibilities in design are endless. Create unique shapes, add pops of color, or keep it minimal. Rubik gives you the freedom to bring your vision to life.

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