Refined Power: discover the NEW (GEN2) Flat Back Cylinders from Juno Trac

January 17, 2023 Joseph Bonasera

January 17, 2023

Refined Power

Discover the NEW (GEN2) Flat Back Cylinders from Juno Trac! Stylish, practical, and with exceptional optical performance.

The Juno Trac-Master LED Flat Back Cylinder track fixtures feature a fashionable, yet simple, aesthetic perfect for retail and commercial applications. Providing powerful performance in three series, the 26W T283L delivers up to 3000 lumens, the 36W T285L delivers up to 3636 lumens, and the 43W T286L delivers up to 3900 lumens, resulting in efficacies of up to 115 lumens per watt. T283L, T285L and T286L fixtures are compatible with Juno Trac-Master or Trac-Lites™ track and system accessories; versions are also available for HD Commercial track systems.



• Practical, fashionable design compliments any décor

 • Integral driver design provides a clean, halogen-like fixture appearance

 • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K white phosphor high performance LEDs

• 80 CRI minimum standard, optional high CRI versions offer 90 CRI minimum

• Optional SpectralWhite color/white enhancing versions are available which make whites appear naturally brilliant and render colors more richly

• Patented, interchangeable, multi-step optical assemblies create perfectly uniform spot, narrow flood, or flood beam distributions

• Delivers minimum 70% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours operating life

• Standard dimmable – see specification sheet for compatible dimmers

• Available in black, white or silver finishes

 • Optional field-installed Accessory Holder, Snoot or Barn Doors can accommodate up to 2 accessories

• 5-year warranty from date of purchase


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T283L-3000lm LED Flat Back Cylinder (Gen 2)

T285L- 3636lm LED Flat Back Cylinder (Gen 2)

NEW! T286L 3900lm LED Flat Back Cylinder

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