New nLight® Integration for Industrial Spaces

July 1, 2020 Stephen Zoeller

The Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Gateway is used to share BACnet information from an nLight ECLYPSE™ with an industrial automation system.  This sharing of information paired with the strength of the ECLYPSE® means more options for integration by a systems integrator and a powerful user experience for those needing to monitor and control their equipment.

The CIP Gateway’s installation and setup is simple—made possible through a friendly web-based user interface and configuration templates. The entire setup of the product is supported by an abundance of documentation and sample configurations, which helps deploy projects quickly, meets the performance expectations of the customer, and gets all involved parties off the site quickly.


  • Optional sharing for control and monitoring of BACnet status for group dim level, occupancy status, device online/offline status, and more.
  • Built-in Web UI and friendly formatting template for fast configuration
  • Easy installation via DIN rail mount
  • Uses a common Ethernet connection between BACnet and CIP

Visit the CIP Gateway Product Page

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