New IOTA® ILBHI Emergency Drivers Solve Your 347-480VAC Challenges

June 14, 2021 Daren Hatfield

New IOTA ILBHI Emergency Drivers bring powerful Life Safety solutions for 347 to 480VAC applications...the 10W and 15W ILBHI Emergency Drivers expand the ILBHI High Voltage Emergency Driver Series to now include Class 2 luminaire designs!

The ILBHI CP10 and ILBHI CP15 accept 347-480VAC input voltage to provide constant power emergency performance for 15-55VDC systems. The native 347-480VAC input eliminates the need for stepdown transformers or dedicated 120VAC circuits typically required for integral emergency driver installations in 347/480VAC applications.

See the full line of ILBHI solutions here!

Additional features of the ILBHI Series include:

  • Lithium Battery Technology for minimal size and weight
  • Monthly and Annual Self-Diagnostics
  • High-Efficiency Battery Charging helps meet CA Title 20 requirements
  • AC Activate technology for simplified installation
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/IEEE standards for optimal surge protection
  • Three available mounting configurations for accommodating individual fixture requirements

Learn more in our IOTA ILBHI Series Flipbook!

Access full specification details here:
ILBHI CP10 HE SD (10 Watt) -  Webpage
ILBHI CP15 HE SD (15 Watt) -  Webpage

For more information on ILBHI 347-480VAC Emergency Drivers or other IOTA Emergency Lighting Solutions, visit or call 1-800-866-4682.

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