Multi-Function Goes Minimalist with the New HPL.

While healthcare spaces have long had an institutional feeling, healthcare designers have progressed in a more architectural direction. Why? Patient care and wellbeing drives healthcare design. From lighting to room materials, healthcare space choices should be comforting and calming. 

Healthcare spaces should feel like home, which is why design trends are leaning toward comfortable environments that promote well-being among patients, staff, and visitors. The HPL was created with keeping these trends in mind:

  • Intentional – Symmetric and asymmetric distributions for placing light where it’s needed. Lighting surfaces with offset sources to avoid direct light into patient eyes
  • Versatility – Smaller apertures in linear form factors for a more architectural aesthetic while including technical features, such as IP64, NSF2, and MIL461G, required for specialty environments
  • Multi-Function – Ambient, exam, and reading modes within a single fixture. Available in tunable white, warm dim, secondary color configurations.

As a step away from bulky, traditional troffers, HPL is  a versatile recessed linear fixture that delivers single and multi-modal functionality for patient rooms, healthcare hallways, common areas, exam or procedure rooms, and other specialty environments.

Maximizing patient comfort with a minimalist design.  

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