Lithonia Lighting® HomeGuard HGX with Motion Sensor

February 21, 2022 Jeri Lee Fraga

A New Layer of Security in the HomeGuard LED Family

Introducing the new Lithonia Lighting® HomeGuard Motion Sensor LED security floodlight (HGX MO). HGX MO expands the popular HGX security floodlight family, featuring a wider and denser coverage pattern that extends the motion sensor’s field of view and eliminates blind spots commonly found underneath motion sensors.

Available in our Contractor Select™ program, HGX MO is always in stock and its sleek design matches the popular aesthetic our customers love about the HomeGuard family. It easily mounts on walls, soffits, or eaves and offers powerful illumination with 2,750 lumens. It’s more than a number – it’s peace of mind.


A motion sensor unit designed with the customer in mind:

  • Full-range dual motion sensors – 200° sensors eliminate common blind spots
  • User-friendly controls – easily access and adjust controls uniquely located on the sides of the motion head
  • Easy, tool-less aiming – directing the light where you need it
  • Integrated visors – visually pleasing illumination with minimal glare
  • Durability – IP65 rated with long-lasting LED illumination
  • Two colors – dark bronze and white
  • Priced competitively – aggressive low initial cost
  • Always in stock – select configurations are available in our Contractor Select™ program, with quick shipping

Always in stock, the HomeGuard LED family of long-life floodlights offer peace of mind with a wide range of products designed to meet your specific needs.


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