It’s Here: The New Winona® Wincove™ Integrated Cove System

April 16, 2020

Integrating lines and planes are core to unifying a space – and it starts with lighting. Lighting not only enhances spaces, but celebrates them as well, with both discrete and bold statements or visually larger ceilings often best delivered through soft illumination from cove lighting. 

But cove luminaire design and installation woes often lead to more time and money spent on the jobsite, forcing many specifiers to avoid cove lighting or seek other solutions that unify a space without added design or installation risk.

Built from the Winona® legacy of creating solutions to enhance architectural features, the Wincove™ integrated cove system combines soft illumination with a robust design to deliver a consistent, installation-friendly experience. Here’s why:

Create layers of light with ease

Creating a sharp luminous line to illuminate an adjacent plane, cove lighting creates a timeless effect critical for every architect and lighting designer’s toolkit.

Wincove can be used across both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Combining its indirect ambient lighting with direct accent lighting, Wincove establishes layers of light ideal for multiple applications. Two extrusion profiles (knife edge and square edge) each with two mounting options (mud-in and drywall) elevate the lighting’s impact in a space.

Experience simplified installation

Using a robust engineering design, WIncove seamlessly integrates into your architectural design with a simplified, easier installation compared to custom-crafted cove solutions. Multiple elements of the Wincove design help increase efficiency, reducing installation time and minimizing return visits to the jobsite:

  • Hidden, but not blind fasteners
  • Inner alignment brackets between segments for profile continuity in linear runs
  • Standard inside and outside 90-degree welded, rather than fastened, corners for more secure alignment at corners
  • Supplied wall mount brackets for secure single person mounting
  • Quicker, easier framing with a complete system: extrusion and luminaire

Here's more about Wincove.

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