Gotham® EVO® MRI Downlight Family

Lighting for MRI rooms and surgical suites is more complicated than other clinical applications: non-ferrous construction, electrical and EMI requirements, remote driver considerations and MIL-STD compliance. The EVO MRI Downlight opens up a new world of possibilities for lighting that meets technical requirements without limiting options.

Key Features: 

  • 100% non-ferromagnetic construction enables safe installation and operation in MRI machine rooms. Remote driver systems power and control the system, while EMI filters support distortion and artifact-free scanning
  • Smooth, flicker-free eldoLED® dimming enables patient comfort during imaging procedures
  • Unsurpassed system efficacies exceed Energy Star® criteria
  • System longevity results in minimal maintenance and zero clinical disruptions
  • Lumen and distribution options optimize spacing for both lighting intensity and energy efficiency
  • Round or square apertures, 4" or 6", with multiple reflector colors, finishes, and sealed lens options for infection control 
  • Simple, plug-and-play nLight® controls integration facilitates up to two zones of control in the MRI suites, allowing users to dial in the right light levels for patient, equipment and screen observation from the control room, as well as patient comfort within the imaging suite
  • Configurations support A+ Certified Solutions


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