Labor Shortage Solution with RELOC® OnePass®

September 27, 2017

The  RELOC® OnePass® system provides a full-featured three-phase modular wiring solution for electrical installations.  With plug-in connections that easily snap together, RELOC can be quickly installed enabling better project and labor management by reducing labor up to 70% versus traditional wiring methods.  RELOC® OnePass® system offers the lowest total installed cost over any traditional wiring method.

RELOC benefits include:

  • Lowest total installation costs – RELOC installations require less laborers
  • Lowest cost of ownership including tax depreciation
  • On-time projects – RELOC reduces installation time
  • Safety and reliability – RELOC is UL Listed
  • Sustainability – RELOC is 100% reusable for the life of the building

The system provides numerous advantages to contractors, building owners and facility managers.  RELOC® is ideal for recessed ceilings, open ceilings, health care facilities, raised floors, cooler and freezer applications.

Helpful Links:

RELOC Webpage | RELOC FAQ | RELOC Brochure |RELOC Case Study video   


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