Aculux® 3-inch Fixed Downlight LED Launch

Launch Date: August 1, 2017

Aculux precision luminaires are now available in a new 3 inch fixed downlight and wall wash platform offering four lumen packages, from 800 to 2,000 delivered lumens.  An economical downlight, they are a perfect complement to the full featured universal adjustable, downlight, wall wash Aculux luminaires.  These low profile luminaires are only 4 inches tall (except for the 2000lm IC Air-Tight), ideal for installation where space is constrained.  


Quick facts about this product:

  •  Color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K offer excellent color rendering with 80 CRI minimum and CCT's of 2700K and 3000K are also available with 90 CRI minimum.
  • Round and square apertures provide exceptional beam control and feature four field-interchangeable optics coupled with engineered diffusing films provide beams of 12°, 20º, 24°, 30º, 35°, 40º, 45º, 50°, 60º and 20º x 60º. 
  • Six driver options accommodate a variety of dimming systems and voltages from 120-277VAC.  
  • The 3-inch fixed downlight housing is compatible with Aculux 3-inch downlight and wall wash trims.


Aculux 3-inch Fixed Downlight, Wall Wash LED luminaires offer precision adjustments that the Aculux brand is known for.

  • Spot On! Industry leading beam control offers clean, striation-free beams, ranging from 12-degree to 60-degree FWHM with industry leading 22,000 CBCP.
  • Patented Tru-Line platform provides +/- 1/2-inch aperture translation and 90-degree aperture rotation to facilitate perfect fixture-to-fixture alignment.


Quick links to more information:

Aculux 3" Round Fixed Downlight/Wall Washer AX3 D Product Page

Aculux 3" Square Fixed Downlight/Wall Washer AX3SQ D Product Page

Aculux 3" LED Sell Sheet

Aculux Precision Recessed LED Luminaires Video

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