Lighting Quality is “Making a Comeback”: Trends in Indoor Architectural Luminaires

May 6, 2020

Lighting Quality is “Making a Comeback”:  Trends in Indoor Architectural Luminaires

Lighting’s integration with digital technology has made more things possible, including smaller and sleeker luminaires, simpler luminaire and controls integration and more lighting design possibilities. As technology continues to offer up a longer list of available features and capabilities, however, lighting designers and specifiers have often found that light quality considerations have often taken a backseat.  

At Acuity Brands we recognize that the elements of design aesthetic, light quality and technology can all work in concert as essential aspects of our product development. As lighting experts Kevin Leadford and Peter Ngai underscore in their recent article “The Quest for Lighting Quality, “ (LD+A, March 2020), “… as lighting professionals, we cannot ignore the paramount of importance of quality of light – and fortunately with good design, we can have both!”

Our new SLOT1 linear luminaire by Mark Architectural Lighting™ is a great example of how good design can provide both quality of light benefits along with technology features. SLOT 1 luminaires provide a higher optical performance with greater control compared to other linear lighting solutions … all contained in a small, sleek form factor measuring just 1.5 inches wide.

SLOT 1 luminaires feature:  

  • Regressed lenses which offer visually comfortable light output by reducing glare and providing balanced lighting.
  • Tunable white and flicker-free dimming enabled through eldoLED® integrated drivers that provide a high number of options for lighting spaces to desired levels.
  • Pre-configured pattern options and recessed, pendant, surface and wall forms in a variety of finishes to make this new luminaire a design toolkit essential.
  • Modulus™, a low voltage distributed power and control system, which uses a single head unit for powering a luminaire run of up to 32 feet (vs. a unit for every eight feet).  It also allows for miniaturization of luminaires providing even more design options.  

These features and integrated technologies make SLOT 1 a versatile solution that can be used in a variety of indoor spaces including in rooms, corridors and lobbies where clean, polished design with high light quality is desired and expected. To learn more about SLOT 1 and its innovative features, visit the webpage.

Our architectural lighting teams design and develop new products based on the trends and customer requirements for lighting for tasks, lighting controls and dimming, energy savings and high-quality output in architectural spaces. Through Expanding the boundaries of lighting™, our aim is to designing innovative, thoughtful luminaires for our entire Acuity Brands lighting portfolio. 

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