A goal for CPHB! Lithonia Lighting® CPHB and nLight® networked lighting controls are newly installed at the Lexington Sporting Club!

March 28, 2024 Abigail Roepe

Newly installed Lithonia Lighting® CPHB and nLight® networked lighting controls enhance the Lexington Sporting Club!

The recently renovated Lexington Sporting Club in Lexington, Kentucky is proudly featuring the Compact ProTM High Bay from Lithonia Lighting®. About a decade ago, the facility installed a cheap high bay from a young company new to the industry. Then only a few years later, the fixtures began to fail. Unfortunately, the company was no longer in business, thus making the warranty inaccessible.

So, Lexington Sporting Club turned to a trusted brand that has been around for over 75 years - Lithonia Lighting! They selected CPHB as their new lighting luminaire. As the most compact high bay on the market, the CPHB combines budget-friendly excellence with seamless performance. Its effortless installation process ensured that all fixtures were operational within a mere 75 hours from the moment of delivery, underscoring its unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

"Now it (the facility) is white, clean and organized - seeing the people's reaction was incredible!" - Alex Moody, Director of Indoor Operations

The addition of nLight® networked lighting controls enhance the environment and game experience even further by seamlessly signaling the start and end of the game and engaging the audience through effective communication via lighting. nLight AIR wireless lighting controls were selected due to its simplicity in operation and user-friendly interface, providing a straightforward and accessible experience. nLight AIR is a wireless lighting control product line within the nLight platform, which offers easy specification and installation and eliminates the need for wires. nLight is your networked lighting controls platform, wired and wireless, for indoor and outdoor applications. Scaling from room to campus-wide applications, it is the one platform that grows with your business today and tomorrow; to seamlessly address energy cost optimization, building code compliance, improved occupant comfort, and much more.

“One thing we didn't have the capability to do before, was to control the mood of the environment. Now to be able to signal to players when the game is about to start by raising the lights to 100 and to signal to players when the game's about to end or when it's time to close and bring it down to 10...” 

Alex Moody, Director of Indoor Operations on nLight  

The Lexington Sporting Club expresses awe at the incredible transformation of its facility, now radiating a clean and organized ambiance. The remarkable change is attributed to enhanced lumen output, a simplified installation process, and the incorporation of nLight networked lighting controls. With the brighter illumination, the club anticipates numerous victories for their team in the enhanced environment.

Watch the Video Now: CPHB Case Study at Lexington Sporting Club 

Discover CPHB: CPHB LED High Bay - Compact Pro Industrial LED High Bay (acuitybrands.com)

Learn more about nLight networked lighting controls: www.nlightcontrols.com 

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