New IOTA® Micro Inverter Sell Sheet!

September 15, 2023 Daren Hatfield

IOTA IIS Micro Inverters are an excellent emergency lighting solution in applications where embedded emergency drivers or circuit-level inverter solutions simply aren't a practical fit.

What is a Micro Inverter?

Essentially, a micro inverter is classified as any inverter designed to deliver less than 100 watts of emergency power. These types of inverters are generally intended to power an individual fixture in the emergency mode, whereas 'mini' or 'large' inverters will provide emergency power to a designated branch circuit.

Our new IOTA Micro Inverter Sell Sheet details the advantages of IOTA IIS Micro Inverters, including:

  • Available product offerings
  • Performance specifications
  • Application guidelines
  • Additional resources for expanded functionality.

Download the IIS Micro Inverter sell sheet here or see the full line of IOTA Micro Inverters on the IOTA website here.

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