CASE STUDY Flower & Gift World of Samson – Samson, Alabama


Equipment on Site

8’ x 10’ walk-in cooler

Equipment Applied

(1) KE2 Evaporator Efficiency Controller
(1) KE2 HSV 300

  • Controller is networked for remote monitoring − eliminating the need for owners to check walk-in on weekend/holidays
  • Improved temperature and humidity control within the space
  • Extended product life by 7 - 12 days
  • Cut time spent replacing water by 50%

Running a successful small business that relies on refrigeration equipment typically means checking the cooler on weekends and holidays. A lesson Flower & Gift World of Samson owners, Lisa Bowden and Martha Gail Windham, learned the hard way. The pair lost almost $1,000 worth of inventory when a system malfunction resulted in the flowers freezing. After that, in Windham’s words, we were spending all our weekends checking on the cooler. Despite the pairs passion for their floral business, being tied to the shop 24/7 was a “privilege” of ownership they could do without.

For Bowden and Windham, the issue was resolved when their refrigeration contractor, Shaw’s HVAC, replaced their walk-in’s old coil with a new Bohn unit, that Shaw’s upgraded with a KE2 Evaporator Efficiency (KE2 Evap) controller and a KE2 HSV-300 series electric expansion valve. Shaw’s had learned about the KE2 Evap from Wittichen Supply and was eager to give it a try. When they heard of the controller’s success in floral applications they decided on the Flower & Gift World project.

When Shaw’s explained the KE2 Evap’s communication ability to Windham and Bowden they immediately realized how significant this would be for them. They had the controller networked, and set it to send e-mail/text alerts to both. It’s a tremendous difference, before we were spending all our weekends checking the cooler. Now, we receive e-mail alerts so our weekends are our own, commented Windham. While the two have yet to receive an alarm for something more serious than low superheat, knowing they will be notified in an alarm situation has given Windham and Bowden piece of mind − and their weekends back.

The KE2 Evap’s other benefits are paying off for them as well. The temperature is staying exactly where we want it, remarked Windham. Additionally, the controller manages the system such that optimal humidity level is maintained. After just a few days they began noticing the results, with the flowers being fresher than before. The flowers are lasting so much longer, at least 7 days, probably 7-12 days longer, stated Windham. In addition to reduced shrinkage, the business is also saving time, Windham explains, The water for the flowers stays fresh in the cooler longer. Before we changed the water every Monday and Thursday, now once a week is all we need to do. It is great!

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