The New IOTA® Inverter Solution for CA Title 20!

June 14, 2021 Daren Hatfield

IOTA® introduces the latest inverter solution for CA Title 20 applications!

The IIS 125 HE delivers 125W of emergency power for LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting loads while using high-efficiency charging control to help meet energy requirements for California applications. The IIS 125 HE is registered in the MAEDBS (Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database System) as a small battery charger.

Two IIS 125 HE Models are available: a surface-mount cabinet design ("SM") and a ceiling grid model for installation within a T-grid ceiling ("CG").

In addition to high-efficiency performance, the IOTA IIS 125 HE includes dimming relay leads to accommodate 0-10V dimming controls, enabling occupants to dim their normal lighting while still allowing the inverter to bring lighting up to full output in the emergency mode.

The IIS 125 HE is also NEMA 410 rated, allowing the inverter to operate loads to its fully-rated capacity of 125W - no de-rating is required to avoid potential overload from inrush caused by LED loads.

Access the complete product specifications here:
IIS 125 HE SM: Webpage
IIS 125 HE CG: Webpage

For more information on IOTA IIS Inverter Solutions, visit or call
us at 1-800-866-4682.

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