Largest Retail Park in UK Selects Holophane [Case Study]

June 28, 2017 Lori Armstrong

Largest Retail Park in the UK Selects Holophane

Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Car Park is the largest retail park in the UK. Built over 21 years ago, and with over 15 million visitors each year, the lighting throughout the park was in desperate need of an upgrade. Holophane won the project and quickly began work replacing 9 high mast fixtures across the facility with new LED lights.

Project Goals:

  • Reduce service charge for retailers
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Improve the light quality
  • Increase patron safety
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Project Results:

  • Retail service charges were reduced 75%
  • LED lighting system combined with wireless controls reduced energy & maintenance costs and decreased light pollution
  • Lux levels increased by 30% helping increase patron safety

To learn more about Holophane's high mast LED lighting solutions, please visit our website.



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