The Upgraded Lithonia Lighting® I-BEAM® IBG High Bay is NOW AVAILABLE!

March 10, 2020 Hannah Higerd

The Best Selling High Bay Just got Even Better  

You asked for a smaller, more efficient high bay option, and we gave it to you in spades, with the Lithonia Lighting® IBG high bay. The upgraded IBG is now available, maintaining its position in the market as the leader in efficacy, performance and configurability.  

The size reduction makes  IBG more compact, easier to install, and less expensive to ship. But that's just the beginning...

Other Key Upgrades Include: 

  • Improved performance with the latest LED technology, 
    • SEF now delivering up to 180 LPW! HEF upgrade coming soon
    • New 72,000L Option and 55C Ambient Standard
  • New/Improved distributions allowing for a 14% improvement in LPW
  • Embedded nLight® AIR sensors empowering wireless control and connectivity 
  • Rotatable Optics for limitless distribution possibilities 


Helpful Info: 

IBG High Bay

Product Page | Project Summary FAQs 

SKU Cross Reference Guide|New Size Chart|Upgrade Presentation

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Honey, I Shrunk the…I-BEAM® IBG

COMING SOON: Another IBG upgrade features new distributions and a smaller form factor!