The 5th Wall and Daylighting

August 31, 2022 Karin McReynolds

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The 5th Wall and High-Performance Ambient Daylighting

For centuries, daylight was the only efficient resource available as a primary lighting source in the built environment. As electric lighting became the standard for interior lighting, vertical daylighting solutions became more prominent. But what do you do when there are no windows? Or the daylight distribution is limited?

High-performance top-lighting solutions can provide all-day exposure to nature's free, efficient, and most productive way to light a space.

In this article, 'The 5th Wall and High-Performance Ambient Daylighting of Spaces', Grant Grable, Vice President of Business Development for Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights and Daylighting Systems, walks through the 5th wall's influence and importance on lighting design today.


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