Would You Drive Without a Dashboard?

July 28, 2017 Lori Armstrong

The question is simple: Would you drive a car without a dashboard?

The answer is no. A dashboard is intended to give you insights into how your car is running, indicate any problems you may encounter, and offer signals when things are not operating the way they should.  

So why don't we demand the same thing when it comes to our businesses? Well, we should. Acuity offers a variety of solutions that enable you to better manage your facility based on data-driven analytics.

SiteView(TM) Energy offers you a window to your energy usage. Utilizing the energy management dashboard, you get at-a-glance views of key performance indicators. You can compare load type or floor-to-floor usage to identify which consumes the most energy. Additionally, it helps address local energy code requirements, such as NYC LL88 and California Title 24.

Acuity's Space Utilization Application allows building owners and property managers to analyze where occupants spend their time throughout the day, and make data-driven decisions for renovation, space planning and other expansions. With analytics now available at your fingertips, you can identify under and over-utilized offices and meetings spaces, and effectively implement changes to better optimize your facility.  

Don't continue running your operation blind. Click the image below and watch the Beyond LED Lighting webinar to learn more information about both of these applications as well as other lighting control strategies that you can implement to help you save time and money.


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