Applications Abound with the XIB LED High Bay by Lithonia Lighting ®!!

February 9, 2021 Hannah Higerd

Continuing to build on the versatility and adaptability of the award-winning XIB High Bay by Lithonia Lighting ®,  we've created application-specific flyers to highlight why the XIB LED is the best choice for challenging environments like natatoriums, warehousing, and cold storage facilities. 

Natatoriums and Public pool spaces can create many challenges for light fixtures. The versatile XIB is designed to perform in these spaces. 

  • IP65 Rated 
  • Robust Cast Aluminum corrosion resistant design
  • Attractive aesthetics, diffuse non-pixilated optics, and uplight options provide a premium lighting experience
  • 10kV Surge protection


The typical warehouse can be dusty and dirty- not the kind of place you’d want to have a picnic.  The XIB is completely sealed, eliminating any possible ingress of bugs, dirt, and debris 

  • Sealed to reduce the need for routine maintenance 
  • 10kV ANSI Surge Protection Standard
  • Narrow, Medium, and Wide Distributions
  • Diffuse, non-pixilated appearance for comfortable illumination 
  • Integrated wireless controls



To ensure long-lasting performance in cold storage and food applications, a fully sealed, sturdy, water-shedding fixture is your best bet. The XIB  was specifically engineered to tackle these challenges. 

  • Incidental spray when cleaning food service equipment
  • Performance at Cold Temperatures 
  • NSF Ratings (National Sanitary Foundation) where applicable
  • Lighting controls options that maintain fixture listings and ratings
  • Visually Comfortable lighting experience for workers in the space