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How do controls help my lighting solution? Incorporating modern, efficient lighting with digital controls creates significant advantages over lighting-only options: Stand-alone or component-based controls can provide significant energy savings with little or no programming System-based solutions link devices to control one or multiple spaces and offer a higher level of functionality How do controls help my bottom line? Applying lighting controls to unmanaged lighting can save 25 to 45% of the existing energy. Popular outdoor control strategies include dimming, scheduling and monitoring. Lowering energy consumption through the use of controls is a "green" solution, too — helping enhance sustainability and reducing the impact of our carbon footprint. With site-wide control, what was complex is now simple Intelligent lighting controls simplify complex projects with graphical interface management of larger lighting systems. In many cases, the lighting control system can remotely control luminaires in groups or individually, on-demand or by schedule. Understanding lighting controls for street & highway applications Controls help enhance safety How do you respond quickly to lighting failures? Monitoring and diagnostics. Reliable, high-quality lighting systems improve visibility in roadway and parking environments and help to deter crime. Easy retrofits for existing spaces Deploying lighting controls in existing spaces can be simple when the controls are designed for easy retrofit! Highly- scalable solutions install with minimal changes to existing infrastructure, and take advantage of technology to simplify reconfiguration. What is A+ Certified? A+ Certified Solutions from Acuity Brands provide: Confidence – Clarity and assurance in helping you create the optimal lighting solution. Compatibility – Luminaires, controls and technology components designed, manufactured and tested for interoperability. Certification – Customer assurance that an A+ system from Acuity Brands will perform as promised, and will be serviced by one company - committed to ensuring your satisfaction. 3825 Columbus Rd. Granville, Ohio 43023 | Phone: 740.587.6117 | ©2017 Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. All rights reserved. | AB_6342_0417 Infrastructure Lighting & Controls Solutions

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