LightFlex™ Tunable-White LED Tubular Daylighting System

LightFlex LED Tubular Daylighting System

Daylight + Tunable-white LED Luminaire + Integrated nLight controls = LightFlex LED

The LightFlex LED daylighting system (SLFTL) from Sunoptics® delivers natural light into interior applications and supplements daylight with tunable-white LED technology. It is the industry’s first LED tubular daylighting system with integrated controls to provide natural light, tunable-white LED light or a combination of both — in the same system.

LightFlex LED provides an optimal lighting system for interior commercial applications to support ones’ natural circadian rhythm. This is achieved by providing access to natural light throughout the day - while maintaining your desired light levels.

LightFlex LED uses our 3-step system (Capture, Transport and Distribute) to optimize daylight when available. The embedded daylighting sensor detects the natural light and triggers lighting controls to adjust and supplement daylight, only when electric light is needed. Integrated nLight® controls enable the sensor, louver and luminaire to adjust, supplement, and maximize natural light and tunable-white LEDs.

Whether automated or manual, the result is an adaptable, fully-responsive visual environment.

Check out this VIDEO to see how it all works together!

To “top it off”, the LightFlex LED system uses the Signature Series high-performance prismatic skylights. Its patented dome design captures more low-angle sunlight than any other passive skylight on the market today. Signature skylights provide glare-free, UV-damage free, full-spectrum natural light.

Learn more about the LightFlex LED tubular daylighting system from Sunoptics by visiting for a brochure, specification sheets, programming guides and more.

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