Daylighting as an ESG Initiative

June 20, 2022 Karin McReynolds

Daylighting as an ESG initiative

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DAYLIGHTING as an ESG Initiative - It's not just a fad!

ESG is a system for measuring a company's sustainability or investment in three specific categories: environmental, social, and governance.

As the business world has begun to evaluate itself through ESG, which includes an increased corporate and social interest in the influence of indoor environments on health and human productivity, there has been a resurrected interest in the potential health and productivity benefits of daylighting.

In this article, Grant Grable, Vice President of Business Development for Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights and Daylighting Systems, will take you through how daylighting solutions fit well in the ESG environmental category, as well as on the social side in the form of human productivity and health/wellness benefits.



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