Benefits of Daylighting - Daylighting 101

February 17, 2022 Karin McReynolds

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In today's industry, you will find the inter-mingled use of the terms: daylight, daylight harvesting, and daylighting. It can be a little confusing. So, let's start at the beginning.


Daylight – it’s natural, and it’s free! The benefits of daylight have long been established, including improving our health, physiology, and general well-being.

Daylight is typically defined as “the natural light of day,” whereas Daylighting is defined as “illumination of indoor spaces by natural light.” Easy enough, right?

Now layer on some controls such as a daylight sensor with your electric lighting, and you have daylight harvesting. Kind of fun, right?

Now, let Grant Grable, Vice President of Business Development for Sunoptics® Prismatic Skylights and Daylighting Systems, take you a little deeper into what daylighting means and how to maximize those benefits in places where we live, work and play? We call it the true Daylighting Solution.


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