Aculux introduces NEW WarmDim® & Tunable White Technologies

March 27, 2023 Joseph Bonasera


March 20th, 2023

Make light feel right.

When it comes to how you feel, light means everything. Aculux is enhancing its AX3 and AX4 Series downlights with improved WarmDim® technology, where the color temperature warms perceptibly to a lovely evening glow as dimmed. Tunable White control allows the separate adjustment or programming of both CCT and intensity. Warmer light enhances the ambience of a space making it more relaxed and inviting whereas the cooler light light improves
energy and focus in task-oriented environments. Cycling between the two can balance the body’s circadian rhythms for a feeling of greater wellness. Explore a whole new emotional dimension of light with WarmDim® and Tunable White from Aculux.


New proprietary WarmDim® Solution:


New Tunable White Technology:

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