Humility of Mary Health Partners Benefit from D-Series Outdoor LED Lighting

February 5, 2019

St. Elizabeth Main Campus Case Study

Humility of Mary Health Partners’ (HMHP) St. Elizabeth Main Campus in Youngstown, Ohio is the only Level 1 trauma center between Cleveland and Pittsburgh – treating more than 70,000 patients annually. With constant traffic to its 135-space emergency room parking lot, the round-the-clock facility needed a well-lit space for primary ER parking, a helipad and ambulance traffic.

“HMHP wants visitors to have plenty of light so they feel safe using the ER parking lot anytime after dark,” said Tim Coy, electrical engineer, C.L. Firestone, Inc., Youngstown. To address their lighting concerns, hospital administrators decided to replace the existing twin 400-watt HPS lighting with an LED system mounted on the existing steel poles.


Products Included In This Solution


                      D-Series Area Size 1                        D-Series Area Size 2

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