Case Study: 't Handelshuys

March 15, 2024 Charlotte Dekker

"We used eldoLED LED drivers because of their quality and enormous reliability as this project was a long-term investment." - Maarten Verbruggen, Tronix Lighting

't Handelshuys | Uden (Netherlands)

't Handelshuys is a co-working space located in Uden, the Netherlands. Its rich history, distinct chimney and vast amounts of natural light make it a space where creative professions bring their visions to life. The building’s history dates back to 1950 and was in need of an upgrade.  

Upwards of 80% of a co-working spaces’ energy bill is spent on lighting. ‘t Handelshuys new owners were looking for a smart, scalable and low-maintenance lighting solution. The lighting solution needed to be sustainable and flexible enough to meet their 55 business’ varied requirements. In 2020, they leveraged Tronix Lighting, eldoLED and Casambi for a unique wireless lighting concept.  

Implement Flexible Lighting

‘t Handelshuys wanted to stay true to its vision and play on the concept of evolving, natural light. In high traffic areas, they leveraged Tronix Reflector Downlights used with eldoLED SOLOdrive 20W LED drivers and Tronix Sensors for automatic lighting adjustment in the evenings and moments with low occupation.  

Every rented space incorporated Tronix Tunable White Lighting Panels with adjustable color and intensity pending the time of the day, weather or activity. The Lighting within the space leveraged our DUALdrive 50W and LEDcode BLE Radio in conjunction with the Casambi network—providing wireless control based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Wireless lighting proved advantageous for its ease of use and flexibility for new light switch installations. Once the owners install a new switch, it connects to the system within two minutes. 

Optimize Lighting Ambiance with Stability

Tenants can maximize their creative energy with the Casambi App. This user interface continuously adjusts light based on the daylight levels and business need. Our signature eldoLED LightShape technology provides intelligent color awareness within these dynamic lighting spaces. 

Artist workshops were the first to optimize their spaces for their varying pieces. Each space then followed suit. The wireless lighting system not only proved stable, it maximized the Quality of Light via Circadian Lighting. 

 Maximize Space Efficiency and Savings

 Wireless connected lighting eliminates cable running through the walls—enabling ‘t Handelshuys to easily repurpose their rooms. Tronix selected eldoLED LED drivers to ensure the best quality and reliability amidst the transition. The Casambi integration with eldoLED results in antenna placement outside of the driver—increasing the LED driver range and ease of use.  

Any tenant who moves in can create their custom lighting solution without the need for an electrician or IT expert—resulting in up to 60% energy savings for the overall building. 

Photography: Rob van Berkel

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