Case Study: Het Postkantoor

March 17, 2024 Charlotte Dekker

"eldoLED offers excellent value for money, the drivers are easy to integrate and always work immediately. Products are readily available, and we can quickly communicate prices to customers. Warranties are also excellent. End customers directly benefit from all of these items." - Roger Casteelen, LuxImprove

Het Postkantoor | Goes, Netherlands

An integrated vision on design, light, scent and sound provides a unique atmosphere and experience in the former town center post office in Goes, the Netherlands. Hospitality company—Amadore Group—converted this listed building dating from 1890 into a Grand Café and restaurant with indoor barbecues, a bar and two Pétanque courts.  

The New Post Office’s intent was a meeting place with an open layout and several entrances connecting to several parts of the city center. With 540 m² of indoor space and two large terraces, this unique, contemporary catering facility accommodates upwards of 400 guests.  

To bring this restaurant to life, Amadore Group needed a dynamic white, flexible and scalable lighting solution. They appointed Roger Casteelen from Lighting Specialist LuxImprove to design their dream lighting concept. Roger enlisted the help of Stefan Wijdeven from eldoLED to help bring his lighting vision to life. 

Emphasize Color and Light Amidst Space Constraints

The key word in developing the catering concept was 'Terra'. A warm atmosphere featuring earth tones and natural materials—such as wood and terracotta—is combined with striking accents such as graffiti and paint splatters. The lighting had to seamlessly match while accommodating various design concepts and providing easy operation. Additionally, the lighting needed to flawlessly dim in the evening for that extra level of intimacy.  

The installation and mounting space proved to be an obstacle due to the smaller size. The electrical part needed to mount within a 15 cm deep cabinet—limiting the size of LED drivers and eliminating the use of DIN-rails.  

LuxImprove leveraged eldoLED LINEARdrive LED drivers due to their compact size and Tunable White capabilities with DALI.  Dynamic White light provided a bright, sunny vibe during the day and a warm glow in the evening—remaining flicker-safe at extremely low settings with deep dimming (0.1%).  

Increase Capacity with RDM

The Post Office used eldoLED LINEARdrive 720W LED drivers to control constant voltage Lumiled Luxeon LED line lighting with RGBW and constant voltage strips from OSRAM and Samsung.  They also used POWERdrive for constant current recessed spotlights and outdoor luminaires.  

LuxImprove combined our LED drivers with several custom-made phase dimmers for this project. They created the solution in close cooperation with installer Projidex and used DMX Visual Productions B station and DALIcore for control.  

Setting up the milliamperage via RDM and using separate channels proved practical—offering high capacity and taking very little space without separate ventilation. 

Implement Smart Control

Smart Control is key in creating the right overall experience. LuxImprove carefully combined Channels to stay within budget. They also implemented centralized assembly to address issues and carry out tests rapidly. Each driver is optimally used without overloading. Lighting is easily controlled with a touch screen, a tablet or a mobile phone.  

End-users can select pre-programmed scenes for every moment of the day. LuxImprove developed programs for the morning, afternoon, early evening and evening—including terrace lighting. If needed, the end-user can adjust lighting in a specific part of the restaurant to accommodate visually impaired guests.    

Unique Solutions Secure Future Partnerships

The combination of eldoLED LED drivers and Lumiled luminaires achieved Amadore Group’s goals of a flexible, scalable and a contemporary lighting concept that creates a welcoming atmosphere for Postkantoor. 

The excellent work on Postkantoor secured future projects with LuxImprove and the Amadore Group that incorporates eldoLED. They can now rely on a single brand to develop easily scalable concepts for large and small hospitality companies, hotels—and even underwater lighting.

Photography: courtesy of LuxImprove

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