Faces of eldoLED: Patrick van der Meulen

October 27, 2023 Deborah Perkins

Meet Patrick.

Patrick’s passion for working with people is as great as his passion for technology. For example, after studying mechanical engineering in Eindhoven, he worked as a medic during his compulsory military service. In 1994 he stepped into the lighting industry as an engineer. However, as he increasingly developed his people skills, he came to the conclusion that his job lacked the human interaction he finds so inspiring. This led him to enter the Sales arena.  

He isn’t the type to promote ‘me-too’ products – he only advocates products that are truly special and have an interesting story behind them. This is what attracted him to eldoLED.

As Director of Business Development, Patrick loves motivating teams to push technical boundaries while learning from each other’s expertise. He especially enjoys the direct interaction with customers as well as colleagues across different departments, from engineering to marketing, and visiting interesting countries and places he might not normally visit. His sense of humor has definitely proven very useful in working with so many different people!

His Fun Fact

Patrick loves boating and the great outdoors. When the weather’s good - especially from April to September - he and his wife take out their boat and traverse the Netherlands’ countless waterways, usually spending weekends on board.

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