Faces of eldoLED: Alejandra Medina

October 27, 2023 Deborah Perkins

Meet Alejandra.

As a child, Alejandra’s ambition was to become a professional painter. However, she was also continuously borrowing her dad’s computer and trying to find out exactly how it worked. Noticing Alejandra’s talent for math at a young age, her mother suggested a career in engineering – which Alejandra ended up pursuing.

Through a friend who had moved to The Netherlands, Alejandra came in contact with Dutch culture and decided to work and live there. She particularly likes the Dutch directness in communicating.

What makes working at eldoLED enjoyable? Alejandra loves the constant changes in her work, overcoming technical challenges, and introducing new processes so the team can keep making firmware development and testing more efficient. She especially enjoys working with diverse teams and different nationalities. Her focus is on working with the right people and developing her technical know-how. What’s more, she would welcome more women in the engineering department!

Although Alejandra is very successful in her engineering career she has never given up her artistic ambitions. She paints professionally and takes on portrait commissions. Painting requires focus on tiny details, just like engineering work: “You can’t just stop whenever you want - you have to listen to feedback and keep on working until you get it exactly right!” She describes Rembrandt as ‘the boss’, loves impressionistic and hyperrealist art.

Her Fun Fact

Apart from painting Alejandra enjoys playing the saxophone.

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