Case Study: Värnamo Hospital

May 3, 2024 Charlotte Dekker

Värnamo Hospital | Värnamo (Sweden)

Värnamo is one of Sweden’s largest county hospitals serving the Gislaved, Gnosjö, Vaggeryd and Värnamo municipalities. It’s full-service with ten operation theatres within its surgical unit. If there was one word to describe this hospital—it’d be humanistic. They’re trying to change the narrative on the hospital experience. They understand how taxing the visits and transportation can be. As a result, they offer free hotel stays, transportation, pharmacy pick-up and church services.  

The hospital was ready to transition that humanistic element into the surgical experience. Värnamo Hospital brought in health-promotion lighting solution brand Chromaviso in 2018 to light their hospital operating areas. To enrich and power the ergonomic lighting experience, Chromaviso knew they could only rely on one driver brand—eldoLED.  

Ensure Focus with ergonomic Lighting 

Värnamo Hospital’s surgical offering includes laparoscopy, orthopedics, urology, gynecology, plastic surgery and cholecystectomy. Surgery often requires long hours. Combine this with the wrong type of lighting results in eye strain and lack of focus.  

Chromaviso installed their Chroma Zona Ergonomic Lighting solution with their Chromaviso LightBlue Controller/Control Panel and eldoLED POWERdrive 50W. This combination provided nine custom lighting scenarios to optimize both the patient and surgical experiences—including red and green lighting for the monitor location, special lighting for open surgery and natural light for cleaning. Chromaviso integrated the lighting control via RS232 so the staff of Värnamo Hospital could control the light from a wall mounted touch screen. 

Implementing our POWERdrive LED drivers ensured flawless dimming capabilities, flicker-safe performance and color consistency at low light levels. Our custom square-shaped dimming curves enhanced novel spectral compositions. To the staff, these lighting changes were a night and day difference. The red and green lighting provided much-needed contrast to the monitors for longer procedures. Our drivers and Chromaviso’s luminaires and controls ensured hyper focus during those critical operations—ultimately energizing the staff, improving the work environment and maximizing the quality of the work.  

Provide Comfort with soft Light 

Surgeries often prove stressful and terrifying for patients. The stress and nerves relayed from patients can radiate into the operating procedure itself—with potential of dampening the experience. Some of which stems from the lighting—believe it or not. Improving the experience involved changing the lighting.  

Chromaviso incorporated a warm welcome lighting powered by our POWERdrive 50W drivers and the Chromaviso LightBlue Controller/Control Panel. This scheme calmed the patients and ensured an orderly transition for anesthesia and surgery. Calmer patients resulted in better surgery experiences and outcomes.  

Photography: courtesy of Chromaviso

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