Case Study: Four Seasons Bangkok

March 17, 2024 Charlotte Dekker

“Using eldoLED for the Four Seasons Bangkok at Chao Phraya River helped us instill a cohesive lighting narrative across the variety of public spaces, restaurants, guestrooms and landscaping. The LED drivers deep-dimming also accentuated the bespoke lighting elements to enhance the overall customer experience.”
– Peggy Tan, Project Lighting Design

Four Seasons Bangkok | Bangkok (Thailand)

The Four Seasons Bangkok at Chao Phraya River sits amidst the grand Chao Phraya River in Bangkok’s creative district. It exudes energy, glamor and style with upscale galleries, boutiques, restaurants and cafés. Delivering on the Four Seasons promise of a one-of-a-kind experience, the Four Seasons Bangkok provides you with majestic river views, world-class inventive cuisine and gentle yet breathtaking courtyards.  

After a brief departure, the Four Seasons Bangkok was ready to make its return to Thailand’s capital. The Four Seasons hired Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston, AvroKO and PIA Interior Company for the interior design and Steven Gough and Peggy Tan of Project Lighting Design for the overall lighting design to bring their vision to life.

Storytelling with Fluid Lighting

One of the most striking elements of the Four Seasons Bangkok is that many key spaces have a unique design that celebrates the water and Thai culture. Every room and story incorporated multiple lighting strategies. Creating a cohesive narrative required a precise lighting palette and control equipment to weave the varying interior design elements together.

Project Lighting Design incorporated a variety of eldoLED drivers—ECOdrive 20W, SOLOdrive 20W/A, 30W/A and 50W/A and LINEARdrive 200W—in combination with DALI Control by Helvar and luminaires from Aero, ModuleX, Precision Lighting and RCL for the public spaces, restaurants and landscaping areas.

Our LED driver technology proved interoperable across the specified luminaires and dimming systems—with no issues in compatibility. The combinations achieved a fine calibration of lighting levels programmed for spaces, artwork and features throughout the day and night with smooth transitions between scenes. This helped the lighting design amplify the presence of the Chao Phraya River with the play of light and reflections in water features throughout the property.

Accenting Interior Features with DALI

Bespoke decorative lights were another intriguing element within the guestrooms. These decorative lights encapsulated sensuality by their shapes with gradated smoky and gold leaf features. This required great overall lighting and dimming quality. In Asia, DALI control is not a common choice for hotel guestrooms and good quality DALI LED drivers were hard to come by.

Project Lighting Design leveraged eldoLED LED drivers with a Lutron MyRoom system and Aero Luminaires. By specifying this trio, the bedrooms achieved smooth dimming with fine resolution. This highlighted the Four Seasons acute attention to detail with respect to the landscape and culture.

Sustainable Deep-Dimming for Optimal Customer Experience

Dimming quality is critical to the customer’s experience within many of the spaces. Project Lighting Design wanted to ensure the extremely low dimming levels (0.1%) within the themed restaurants, bars and outdoor areas were up to the visual standards to elevate those designated areas—and that the visual perception of those dimming levels were accurate.

They used eldoLED LED drivers and technology throughout these spaces to achieve their desired effect. The result? Optimal dimming that accentuated the rooms and overall experience with the accurate visual perception levels. Additionally, the high-power factor of our LED drivers ensured minimal wastage of energy in the form of ballast losses—promoting overall longevity and sustainability within the spaces.

Project Lighting Design’s choice of eldoLED DALI LED drivers—in combination with the various controls and luminaires—proved interoperable and brought the different visual storytelling elements to life within the Four Seasons Bangkok. Highlighting the cultural and geographical elements with acute detail to elevate the customer experience with sustainable deep-dimming. Their attention to light quality and the culture of Thailand solidified the Four Seasons Bangkok as 2022 IALD Excellence Award winner and a shortlisted project in the 2021 [d]arc awards for the Spaces: High Budget category.

Videos: courtesy of Project Lighting Design & Depth of Field Co., Ltd Bangkok
Photography: Sven Ellsworth, courtesy of Four Seasons Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, Project Lighting Design (Stephen Gough, Peggy Tan)



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