Wall-Mount Portfolio from Lithonia Lighting®

The all-new WDGE, ARC and WPX families make up a complete wall-mount portfolio with a mix of specification and discretionary solutions that will meet your wall-mounted lighting demands, no matter the project. The WDGE LED is a site-wide solution and can be used as the “basis of design” for specified projects, while the ARC LED provides a “valued engineered” alternative for budget-challenged projects. The WPX LED is a highly competitive distributor stock solution for HID replacement projects. These products come with competitive pricing, industry-leading delivery, and customer-friendly support.

  • The Lithonia Lighting® wall-mounted lighting solutions are designed to deliver the performance you need at a price that keeps your project on budget.
  • Providing a site-wide solution in forms that will not compete with the building’s architecture will ensure easy project approval.
  • Available with integral photocell and emergency battery pack options you need to be code-complaint.
  • Fully configurable products with short lead-times will keep your project on schedule.


WDGE LED Wall-Mount Luminaires

Make the WDGE LED your new go-to wall-mounted lighting specification solution.

The WDGE LED family was designed to provide optimal wall-mounted lighting solutions for all mounting heights. Using two technologies, these luminaires provide visually comfortable lighting at building entryways and area distributions at higher mounting heights.


With clean lines, the WDGE LED blends seamlessly into any architecture, meeting the everyday lighting needs of engineers and architects alike.

Specification Solution

  • Visually comfortable & precision optics
  • Four sizes deliver 2,000 to 25,000 lumens
  • Embedded nLight® AIR wireless controls option

ARC LED Wall-Mount Luminaires

Upgrade your expectations when you upgrade your wall-mounted lighting.

It’s time to upgrade your expectations when it comes to upgrading wall-mounted lighting. The all-new ARC LED wall-mounted luminaires combine visually comfortable illumination and architectural styling to create an affordable lighting upgrade that you can be proud of, while saving 80% in energy costs.

Performance Renovation

  • Visually comfortable optics
  • Two sizes deliver 1,500 to 6,500 lumens
  • Replace 70W to 250W metal halide

WPX LED Wall Pack Luminaires

Win against the competition with these innovative new wall luminaires.

The all-new WPX family of LED wall packs are your best choice for your everyday wall mounted lighting needs. No longer will your customers have to sacrifice performance and style to get the low initial cost that they demand.


Best Value

  • Distributor stock pricing
  • Three sizes deliver 1,550 to 9,200 lumens
  • Replace up to 4000W metal halide


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