Q&A: Short and sweet – the skinny on nLight® AIR

nLight AIR:  Wireless lighting control made simple 

Take a breath of nLight AIR with Mike Ratushny, one of our digital lighting network gurus.  


What, exactly, is the nLight Air wireless control system?

nLight AIR is a wireless lighting control platform that can be used in both unplanned renovation and new construction. It scales from simple one-room installations to a fully networked, code-compliant solution for entire campuses.  For indoor, outdoor, and even industrial lighting control, we made nLight AIR easy to design and install.


I’m familiar with nLight control. How is nLight Air different?

nLight AIR is, quite simply, nLight un-wired. nLight AIR has the same base features and functionality as the standard nLight network already used by thousands of customers.  However, nLight AIR utilizes a 900MHz communication frequency in place of the wired CAT5 communication cable.  This wireless communication capability makes nLight AIR ideal for retrofits, open ceilings, or other applications where pulling communication wire is undesirable (or impossible!). 


Being wireless, there must be a distance limitation. What is it?

The maximum communication distance is 1000’ line-of-site and 400' to 600' through typical commercial construction obstructions.  These large communication distances allow our systems to control indoor and outdoor devices all in a single system: a single system for electrical contractors to install, a single system for facility managers to operate and maintain.  


You probably have lots more questions. 

So we’ve collected answers to more frequently asked questions here, including concerns about security vulnerabilities in wireless systems. Check it out!


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