Power Monitoring with nLight® AIR – Now Available!

For building owners and facility managers, you now have the ability to capture, quantify, and report energy savings through networked lighting controls. nLight AIR devices now have power monitoring, offering a granular level of detail to optimize and maximize your energy savings for your application. This continues an nLight theme of delivering more value through a networked lighting control system.

Key Features:

  • Recognize energy savings at the fixture or circuit - Energy usage is available for your entire lighting and controls solution.
  • No additional devices or wires to install – no need for a secondary energy monitoring system, delivering time and cost savings for the contractor.
  • Comprehensive load control - Power packs now include power monitoring as a standard option, which allows any lighting or receptacle load to be monitored
  • Visualize Real-Time Operational Data – SensorView now delivers actionable insight to know if a fixture is working properly.

The following nLight AIR devices have the power monitoring option:

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