Customer Testimonial: They Felt the Pinch, We Eased the Pain

Byrd Electric was in a pinch.  A lighting vendor informed them its order of 70, 2 x 2 center basket-style LED luminaires scheduled for a new office complex was running way behind.  The delivery deadline would be missed by several weeks. The General Contractor was unsympathetic and told Byrd, an electrical contractor located in Southern California, to do “whatever it takes” to complete the install within 2-3 weeks.


The contractor was faced with a tough choice:

One, take it on the chin with the current vendor, wait out the delays and likely pay stiff penalties;

Two, temporarily install an alternative luminaire from stock, swap out once the specified luminaires were finally delivered, and incur hefty labor and out-of-pocket costs; or

Three, make an immediate switch to another lighting manufacturer … but timing was critical to keep to the previously committed schedule and keep the customer happy.


Byrd quickly reached out to its Acuity Brands sales representative, Mar Vista Sales, to see what they could do. Mar Vista turned to Acuity’s Design2Ship™ program that can provide 5-day shipping for select architectural brands under the Acuity umbrella.


 “Within 24 hours, due to the breadth of Acuity’s portfolio, we identified a near-perfect specification match using a Mark Architectural Lighting™ Whisper LCTR luminaire with tunable white that could meet their delivery deadline,” said J.R. Dominguez, principal, Mar Vista Sales.  “Byrd Electric sought and received immediate approval from its specification engineer customer and Acuity took over from there.  We delivered 70 units on time, beating the deadline by a day or two, and Byrd completed the install on time with no compromise on the quality, aesthetics or performance of the luminaire.”

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